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Housekeeping Packages.

A wide range of packages to suit your needs - for more information please contact Mags on 07828502009.

General Clean [£12.50 per hour]

floors brushed, vacuumed or mopped; surfaces cleaned and polished; appliances wiped clean; bins emptied; toilets disinfected and cleaned; fixtures, fittings, sinks, showers and baths cleaned.

Deep Clean [rates from £12.50 per hour]

a General Clean, plus: cleaning the inside surfaces of windows, the oven, fridge and microwave; cleaning skirting boards and doors, door frames, and front and back doors inside and out. A Deep Clean can be arranged only within your regular schedule.

Commercial Cleaning [£12.50 per hour]

We will also tailor our services to meet your cleaning needs in offices and small businesses.

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